Our Story

"How it all began" by Nick White, MD of I Want A Standing Desk


It all started on a Saturday afternoon in Starbucks in 2013…I was in conversation with a personal trainer who was talking me through how for the first time since having a baby she had started to lose weight through using a standing desk. I was instantly hooked… I'd never even heard of a standing desk…my work meant I sat at my desk in front of my PC 5 days a week and as a person who likes to keep fit, I disliked that idea immensely. I reluctantly got back to my chair the following week and my journey started. I wanted a standing desk and the business came about!

4 years later, with help from some great people and bucket loads of persistence we now have a product range that I love and am proud of.

From products like the EIGER Junior to the BigJack Electric full sit-stand desk we have options to suit everyone's needs.

Join us today…it's such an amazing feeling to know that you're not chained to a chair for life and that you can workout and work…"Movement is Medicine".

If there's any information we can help you with on your journey getting fitter and healthier at your standing desk please just e-mail the team at sales@iwantastandingdesk.com and we'll gladly help.

With best regards,

Nick White

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