Eiger Standing Desks In The News

Our cutting edge products have been featured in National and Regional Press since their inception, here are some examples of the type of coverage The Eiger Standing Desks and our clients recieve.

 The Sun: Primary school introduces standing desks to help pupils get healthy and shed up to 30,000 calories-a-year. 

Eiger Student Standing Desk Featured in The Sun

Lancashire Telegraph: East Lancashire students trial new standing up desks: Youngsters are making a stand for healthier lifestyles with the help of new classroom desks.

Eiger Student Standing Desk Featured in The Telegraph

The Times: Standing desks help pupils to find their feet. Primary introduces standing desks to tackle obesity.

The Times wrote about Eiger Student Standing Desks

The Mail: School begins using STANDING desks so children don't have to sit through lessons in a bid to beat obesity and keep pupils active.

The Mail ran a feature on Eiger Student Standing Desks being used in schools

Times Educational Supplement: Long read: Do classrooms need standing desks? Telling pupils that they can leave their desks during lessons, and instead stand looking out of the window, sounds like an invitation for trouble. But one primary has found it actually improves pupils' concentration and behaviour.

We are currently rolling out a system to support our clients with press and media relations, so you too can receive the coverage and positive benefits of letting your audience know your school or business are using our standing desks. Schools wanting to know more about this please reach out to us via social or our other touch points.

If you are a member of the press and have any questions for our team please do not hesitate to get in touch with nick@iwantastandingdesk.com

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