Venosa Rest Stool

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Chairs...hey, we like them! Let's just use them for what they were designed take a break on!
We're not suggesting you have to stand all day. At some point your legs will let you know they want a rest and one of our approaches is to use a rest stool that you can pull up without altering the height of your desk. It makes it easy and they look fantastic!
We recommend that you perch on the edge of the rest stool with your core muscles engaged therefore keeping your spine in its neutral position.
The funky Venosa Deluxe has a unique design that will create a stir! Incorporating comfort in its gorgeous ergonomic shape and cushioned seat top so that when it’s time for a rest you can rest in style.
(Prices exclude VAT. Simple Self Assembly. A Rest Stool is not a replacement for a full time ergonomic chair)
Specifications: Seat Height : 560-770mm. Base Diameter : 415mm. Seat Material : Faux Leather


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