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EIGER Student Classroom Standing Desk

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The EIGER Student Standing Desk is significantly impacting in 4 key areas in schools all over the UK and worldwide, helping both teachers and children simultaneously...
  1. Standing stimulates brain function, sitting doesn't. It increases oxygen, glucose and dopamine levels which are vital for focus and concentration.The impacts are improved student focus, behaviour and lesson outcomes.
  2. Many children struggle to sit still. Some are SEN diagnosed, many aren't. The option to stand has immediate positive effects with these students. Their concentration levels improve and so does the quality of their work and results. 
  3. Today's children are referred to as "Generation Inactive". Research shows they are sedentary for up to 10 hours every day. The classroom provides 4.5 hours of that. Having the option to stand has both significant short and long term health benefits recognised by Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.
  4. Importantly the above 3 impacts also empowers teachers in their lesson time by creating a classroom that's more ready to learn. In turn that helps them do what they're best at - teaching children effectively.            

    Everything you need to know:

    • Converts any classroom desk to a standing desk
    • Works for all pupil age groups - Primary or Secondary
    • Assembles and dis-assembles in seconds - can be moved anywhere
    • Weighs just 4.5KG
    • Spacious main desktop with text book groove
    • Desktop angle assists with improving hand writing
    • Max width 51cm Max depth 49cm.
    • Only takes up 1 pupil space
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    • Made from super strong 18mm birch plywood
    • Protective clear lacquer finish - easy to wipe clean
    • Eco- friendly 100% recyclable
    • Designed in UK. Made in UK.
    • Lifetime warranty - made to last
    • Sport Premium, Pupil Premium and SEN eligible
    • Volume discount available
    • Kids and teachers love them!

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    • Immediate delivery from stock - 48 to 72 hours
    • Free Delivery. No Assembly Required.
    • UK No.1 School Standing Desk Company
    • Great, friendly customer service
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • Any questions? Just email us now at sales@iwantastandingdesk.co.uk

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