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How one woman proved that standing up instead of sitting can deliver astounding weight loss results

As a company that is naturally passionate about standing desk products, we were delighted to see a story on the Daily Mail website in August - an article about one woman’s experiment to remain standing as much as possible for an entire month, including during periods of work, rest and play. Her objective was to prove...

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Nick White October 22, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Time Is A Precious Commodity

Time is a precious commodity, one that each and everyone of us wishes we had more of. The news is full of fads, diets, gadgets and gizmos that are supposed to help us turn back the clock and stay fighting fit long into our twilight years. As you'd expect a lot of these fads are just that, but one unusual discovery has medical health specialists excited: the standing desk.

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Nick White September 24, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Writers Who Stood Up To Work

The image of the writer at work is a favourite stereotype - sitting hunched over a desk, feverishly creating long into the night. However, many of our most well-known and best beloved authors extol the virtues of the standing desk.

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Nick White September 24, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Could standing desks be the answer in the battle against childhood obesity?

We’ve all read the headlines that indicate alarming obesity statistics here in the UK where half of Britain’s population are predicted to be obese before 2050. For some, this may seem too far into the future to prompt concern, but what about the next generation? Primary research analysing health trends states that obesity levels amongst the UK’s children are rising fast.

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Nick White September 08, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Standing Desks Hit South Korea

South Korea has a thriving, high-tech industry and a highly skilled, industrious workforce who have a reputation for being early adopters. One of the latest innovations being adopted in the workplace is standing desks.

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Nick White August 29, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

One Desk Does Not Fit All

It has become common practice now when fitting out a business or home office to simply select a desk that fits the interior, not a design that suits the staff....

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Nick White August 15, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

New Problems in the Work Place

The move away from heavy manual labour into a safer office environment has helped the nation's workforce...

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Nick White August 08, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

How Our UK Commonwealth Athletes Can Win More Medals…

We think that our UK Athletes must spend a reasonable amount of time at their computers – probably sat at their computers – so why not improve their fitness levels even more and...

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Nick White August 01, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Stand up for your health (and productivity)

"I've been sitting down all day" is a common refrain among workers, "from the car to work, then all day in work, and in the car all the way home." By the time you get through the front door, you're probably exhausted from all that sitting down, and way too tired for a workout at the gym.

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Nick White July 26, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

“Can I Stand All Day”?

You know we get this asked so many times when we’re at expositions!


It’s a good question and relevant but the answer is a very simple “yes” if you want to, but you don’t have to!

Firstly we’d like to make the point…why not go and ask a nurse this question or a hairdresser and they’ll tell you that it can be done! If you think about it, we’re just programmed into making sitting a habit – and it’s a bad one.

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Nick White June 05, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

How to Stand With Good Posture

We all have an understanding that good posture is important to maintaining a healthy spine and a strong back. Poor posture causes the muscles in your neck and back to strain against gravity, which can cause pain, headaches, fatigue and even injuries to your nerves and muscles. By learning how to 

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Nick White May 30, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Learn About Posture From A Team GB Physio

Lee Barker is the principle physiotherapist at Alderbank Physiotherapy, in Grimsargh, near Preston, and a member of the Olympic Physiotherapy Team for London 2012.

Lee was based at the Athletes Village Medical Centre in London and was responsible for providing physiotherapy treatment and support to Olympic athletes from all over the world.

This is Lee’s first hand overview on the problems associated with sitting too much…

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Nick White May 19, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Standing desks at Club Workspace London

We want you to freeze! What’s your sitting position? We bet you anything you’re sitting hunched forward, your neck straining forward like an ostrich about to jump the gun. You might even be slumped resting your chin in your hand, the other idly scrolling the touchpad. Your wrists ache, your shoulder muscles feel sore and the lines where your stomach folds over are threatening to become etched in abs that aren’t as hard a stone. You’re not alone…far from it! Most of the UK is guilty of over-sitting. And it’s been a problem ever since people starting working at desks.

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The New Age Office

As anyone who works in an office will tell you, it can sometimes feel like we spend our lives sitting at a desk. In fact, many of us spend up to eight hours each day sat staring at our computer screens.

The seated office is a fairly new phenomenon, and it’s only been the norm since the 20th century. But it’s a practice that flies in the face of research on physical activity, which tells us that the seated, sedentary lifestyle we’ve become so accustomed to is having a serious effect on our health and wellbeing. It’s even been linked to cardiovascular problems and diabetes - conditions that are worryingly on the rise. What’s more, this prolonged inactivity is causing damage that can’t simply be undone with a cycle home from work, or an hour at the gym a couple of nights a week.

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Nick White April 28, 2014 0 tags (show) Add a comment

Would You Like To Run The Equivalent of 10 Marathons A Year Just By Standing Up A Bit More?

The University of Chester in the UK has been researching the standing vs sitting facts.

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Nick White November 12, 2013 4 tags (show) Add a comment
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