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Video: Standing Desks What Are The Benefits? By Abraham The Pharmacist

Do standing desks actually make us healthier? Abraham the Pharmacist tested out the Eiger Pro and brought some science to the table to try and answer the question.

Watch the video within and see Abraham shed some light on an 800,000 participant study by the NHS which found that increased sitting time equated to some startling stats including;

  • 112% increase in risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • 147% increase in cardiovascular events.
  • 90% increase in death due to cardiovascular events.
  • 49% increase in death due to any cause.

Abraham covers a number of studies regarding sitting and standing and explains that standing as a solution isn’t meant to be for long drawn out periods but instead is designed to be broken up with rest breaks and walking breaks. He reflects on the benefits of standing desks, calls for more studies and seems to have found his time with the Eiger agreeable.

Click the video to get his take.

Abraham describes himself as a “media pharmacist” He is a presenter, videographer + prescribing pharmacist and is contactable on twitter @abrahamthepharm or via his website www.abrahamthepharmacist.com

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