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UK Kids Are Some Of The Most Inactive In Europe - Standing Desks can Help

Kids sat around laptopsThe World Health Organisation released a report that compared the “obesity-related behaviours” for youngsters across 42 nations. It reveals UK kids are among the laziest.

Lead researcher Dr Jo Inchley, from the University of St Andrews, said social media was impacting on kids’ health. She said: “We know there are risks, such as cyber bullying and impact on mental health, as well as things like missing out on sleep.

“Also, there are longer-term impacts on physical health from being sedentary. One of the main challenges is that this kind of activity (social media and computer use) is so much part of young people’s lives these days.” She said more needs to be done to get kids moving throughout the day.

Dr Steven Mann, research director for UK Active said the findings were “alarming”.

He said: “Modern life has changed, but when teens are spending hours hunched over Facebook, Instagram and video games, they simply aren’t getting the exercise that they need.

“These alarming inactivity figures show that playtime is over before it has started for too many children, putting them at far greater risk of future conditions like heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.”

That's where we know we can help be introducing standing desks in to classroom environments and showing a new generation that they can use technology actively.

This in turn would have a positive long term effect in the workplace - people who don't want to sit for 8 hours a day for life.

Chris Trickett May 31, 2017 2 tags (show)

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