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UK Back and Neck Pain at a 5 Year High

Man with neck painBack and neck pain are at a five-year high in Britain, with sedentary lifestyles believed to be to blame. More than two in five people now suffer back and neck pain, which affects 12 per cent more of us than a year ago. The British Chiropractic Association says 70 per cent of people experience back and neck pain before they are 30. 

The increase across the country is put down to office work, more time spent hunching over smartphones and tablets and staying still for too long without moving. Catherine Quinn, president of the British Chiropractic Association, said: 'Our bodies are designed to move, so back and neck pain can emerge when you stay in one position for long periods of time. These days we are using technology more and more throughout the day, accompanied by long periods of sitting in one, often uncomfortable position - glued to our smartphone or tablet, messaging friends or scrolling through social media."

Of course the workplace makes a serious contribution to this problem. Being able to alternate between sitting and standing with a standing desk has so many health benefits, including a healthy spine.

Nick White April 10, 2018 0 tags (show)

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