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The Sunday Times Standing Desk ArticleWe were delighted this weekend when grazing through The Sunday Times main paper to see an unexpected article around our EIGER Student Standing Desks! The headline read "Stand at your desks now, class, and fight obesity".

The education editor, Sian Griffiths was quoting both Jamie Oliver and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee (TV Doctor) on the issues around UK children and obesity and how having the option of standing desks in classrooms would help with the problem both now and in the future.

Today's children are referred to by UK Active as "Generation Inactive". One in three British children under the age of 15 are either overweight or obese. "Generation Inactive" are expected to have a life expectancy less than their parents. 

We're not happy about the problem but are happy that high profile people are recognising how the EIGER Student Standing Desk can help with it.

Nick White January 09, 2018 0 tags (show)

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