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Pupils at Rendlesham Primary School add EIGER Classroom Standing Desks and end up in the Regional Paper

Pupils in Years one to six at Rendlesham Primary School  are making a stand for better health, thanks to the addition of some innovative new desks.

The standing desks, which allow the children to stand and move while they work, have been put through their paces as part of a special trial. They have been provided by UK company,

I Want A Standing Desk, which was the first in the country to design such desks specifically for children.

More than 500 primary schools across the UK are currently using the standing desks and view them as a key part of their active learning strategies. These schools consistently report seeing improvements in behaviour, concentration and engagement levels, as well as neater handwriting and increased productivity.

Rendlesham Primary School using EIGER Classroom Standing Desks

The Academy Head, Mrs Debbie Thomas at Rendlesham Primary School commented: “We know that for younger children especially, the more active we can make their learning, the more engaged they will be. It is also really important that we encourage young people to be as healthy and active as possible, which is why we were interested in trialling the desks. The desks support our school ethos where character development is at the heart of all we do, the impact for our children is already noticeable, and we are excited to be a part of this trial.”

Government statistics show that almost 10% of reception age children (age 4-5) are currently obese, while more than 13% are overweight. By age 10-11, these figures rise to 21% and 14.1% respectively.

Nick White, founder of I Want A Standing Desk, explains: “Introducing more movement into the school day is something that can benefit all pupils, including individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other neurodiverse conditions.

“What we consistently hear from teachers is that concentration levels have improved, disruption has reduced and importantly, the children very much enjoy using the standing desks. Not to mention the health benefits gained from increasing their physical activity levels.”

Nick continued: “We are creating a generation of habitual sitters and I believe classroom standing desks can help with that. Studies in the UK and USA have shown a tremendous benefit in schools where they are used.”

The standing desks can be placed on top of any existing desk, are portable and only take up the space of a single child. They are also quick and easy to assemble; something the children are encouraged to do themselves.

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