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Apple Watch Stand Up Nudges Might Add 2 Years To Your Life

A significant study of 400,000 people has showed that an Apple Watch nudging you to stand up or exercise could increase your lifespan by two years.

Participants for whom the watch was paired with a reward scheme were measured against those on a reward scheme with no watch and results showed the volunteers who wore the watch had 4.8 extra days of activity per month, which they said translates into two extra years of life.

Rand Europe who undertook the largest ever behavioural technology study found that at risk overweight and inactive groups were more likely to demonstrate greater improvements from the process and the average participant would increase their activity by a whopping 34% when using the watch.

Participants who used the watch would pay £12.50 a month if activity targets were not met. Recent research has suggested that losing something is a stronger incentive than gaining a reward and this psychology may also have influenced the study’s findings.

Standing Desk user and UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock who we recently reported has called upon the NHS to embrace tech as a preventative measure, said "We must stay at the forefront of emerging technologies like digital medicines because their potential is so huge”

Simon Stevens, head of the NHS has urged employers to encourage staff to lose weight with financial bonuses after he lost three stone on such a scheme in the USA. However critics of this have argued that employers are not responsible for subsiding fighting the decline in public health.

The Apple Watch has a stand meter in the activity app that shows hours in which you've stood and moved for at least a minute. Complete your daily Stand goal by standing up and moving around for at least 1 minute during 12 different hours in the day.
Matt Hancock Standing Desk UK Blog
Standing Desk UK Blog reported on Matt Hancock’s new tech led health initiatives Last month.
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