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Another Real Life Story about 1 Week at a Standing desk

Lady at standing deskJulie Dixon is 52 and she is a mortgage protection advisor. A national UK newspaper provided her with a standing desk option for a week. These are some of her findings...

“I was surprised at the difference standing at my desk made to my productivity and success.

“I make a few phone calls I’d been putting off and some ended up with me getting some new business, which they hadn’t agreed to in the past.

“I didn’t get that post-lunch slump and my lower back pain seemed to lessen too.

“I’ve been in this industry for 30 years and my week at the standing desk was one of the most  productive I’ve ever had.”

Improving productivity is one of the key benefits of using a standing desk. Increasing your heart rate improves blood circulation and therefore oxygen levels to all your major organs, including your brain! 

Nick White May 16, 2017 3 tags (show)

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