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Almost one in four British people never exercise

Person led on sofaAlmost one in four British people never exercise, with some admitting to avoiding physical activities "at all cost". The finding comes from the Fit Brits study, commissioned by the British Lung Foundation, which surveyed 2,000 adults.

Of the 23 per cent who do not exercise regularly, one in four felt they would be encouraged to exercise more if they had more facilities local to them. Half of those who are inactive admitted to "avoiding exercise" each week as they feel it may pose a danger to their health. Of the 77 per cent who do exercise, only 16 per cent do so at least once a week.

Walking was ranked as the most popular exercise in the report, followed by running and cycling.

Of those who exercise, one in six regularly attends an exercise class and a third play a sport as a member of a local team. When asked about the reasons why they keep themselves fit and healthy, 27 per cent said the main benefit was to safeguard themselves from future illness.

One in five exercise mainly to keep themselves looking their best, and 12 per cent like the feeling of strength it gives them. One in 10 said their exercise helps them to deal with an existing illness or condition, and a third have used some form of exercise to help in their recovery from a previous illness.

We're always banging our drum here at I Want A Standing Desk about the crazy habit of over sitting and how something as simple as standing at your desk for a percentage of your day has amazing long term health benefits.

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