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A Bowling Ball Attached to Your Neck!

Bowling BallToday we delivered an EIGER Standing Desk to Rachel Wilkinson MD of Wilkinson Chiropractic in Ilkley (UK). Rachel is passionate about maintaining a healthy spine and also living an active every day life. We have a lot in common.

Rachel gave us a superb insight to the strain put on the human spine through incorrect posture and head position.

The average human head weighs around 5KG. To put that into context that's around the weight of a bowling ball.

Most of us can relate to the weight of a bowling ball. Well that's sitting on top of your spine...every day.

It's fine when it's in the correct position - upright and squarely over your shoulders. But imagine the strain if you drop your head forward. Imagine doing it for eight hours a day. Eight hours with a bowling ball pulling down on your upper spine. You wouldn't do it.

But that's what most UK office workers do every single working day. It's madness and can only lead to painful spinal problems.

A standing desk is both a superb piece of ergonomic equipment as well as being the nearest thing to a piece of gym equipment you can put in the workplace.

Stand up for the health of your spine.


Nick White September 07, 2017 0 tags (show)

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