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Time Is A Precious Commodity

Time is a precious commodity, one that each and everyone of us wishes we had more of. The news is full of fads, diets, gadgets and gizmos that are supposed to help us turn back the clock and stay fighting fit long into our twilight years. As you'd expect a lot of these fads are just that, but one unusual discovery has medical health specialists excited: the standing desk.

Once the preserve of noble eccentricity - Dickens and Hemmingway were both proud owners - standing desks were a little seen curiosity. In recent years, however, experts have begun to realise that spending day-in-day-out doing nothing but sitting on your rear can lead to untold health complications, ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. These same experts now agree that the solution isn't as simple as hitting the gym after a hard day's work. This is due to strenuous exercise's inability to cope with the stresses and strains imposed on the body by extended sitting. To combat these ill effects, they instead recommend introducing periods of standing into your daily routine. One of the simplest ways to do this? Getting yourself a standing desk, of course!

Owing to the reduced risk of developing diabetes, falling prey to obesity and cardiovascular complications, an American study conducted in 2012 found that your everyday citizen could add two years on to their life expectancy by utilising a standing desk for as little as three hours a day. On the flip-side, an 2010 Australian study found that your risk of dying increases exponentially for every hour extra hour you spend sitting over a period of seven years.

Just standing around all day isn't going to do you any favours either, so leading health professionals advise you to ease yourself in. This can be accomplished by taking to your feet for a couple of hours per day, gradually extending the amount of time you spend standing until your body acclimatises to your new routine. One of the best methods is to employ a height adjustable desk (much like the ones we sell), as they allow you to adjust your position and alleviate strain.

So, stand up, be counted and start living a healthier life with a standing desk today.

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