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How Our UK Commonwealth Athletes Can Win More Medals…

We think that our UK Athletes must spend a reasonable amount of time at their computers – probably sat at their computers – so why not improve their fitness levels even more and type at the same time with a standing desk! 

But we’re not all trained athletes and sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to many of today's common health problems. People are not designed to sit at a desk for long periods of time, and historically would spend most of the day standing. By removing the office chair, and reverting back to the more active standing position,you can reduce your risk of many common ailments. Here are some examples:

Reduce your risk of a heart attack

It has found that people who spend the day sitting down are more likely to have a heart attack, with studies indicating that this increased risk can be as high as 54%. This is one of the most common causes of premature death in the UK, and using a standing desk can significantly reduce your risk.

Reduce your back pain

Many people suffer from back pain due to sitting with an incorrect posture. When you spend a long time sitting in a chair, your body forgets how to engage your back muscles effectively. Your back is supported by the chair, so you don't have to use your muscles as much. However, this has a long term effect on your body, and is the leading cause behind the majority of back pain. When you use a standing desk, your back is not supported so you have to learn how to effectively use your back muscles again, ultimately preventing further back pain.

Reduce or prevent obesity

Standing up burns more calories that sitting down, so it is an effective way to control weight and prevent obesity. In addition to the increased calorie burn, standing is thought to improve metabolism and promote more active behaviour throughout the day.

Reduce your risk of diabetes

There is evidence to suggest that spending a large amount of time sitting can contribute to the development of diabetes, due to the increase of glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream. The study also found that this effect does not subside with more exercise - the only way to prevent it is to spend less time sitting, and more time standing.

We can’t all be UK Commonwealth Athletes but we can be Office Athletes with a standing desk!

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