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“Can I Stand All Day”?

You know we get this asked so many times when we’re at expositions!






















It’s a good question and relevant but the answer is a very simple “yes” if you want to, but you don’t have to!

Firstly we’d like to make the point…why not go and ask a nurse this question or a hairdresser and they’ll tell you that it can be done! If you think about it, we’re just programmed into making sitting a habit – and it’s a bad one.

The next thing, our desks are sit-stand desks. They are adjustable either manually or electrically. So you can take them from standing to sitting in seconds (and back again) – you can use your chair when you want. But use a chair for what it is designed for and that’s to take a rest. Don’t make it a full time activity.

Alternatively we have on our website “Rest Chairs”. They look really cool and bring a great atmosphere to a work environment (it’s like being in your favourite café or wine bar!) They are simply a high stool. Rest Chairs allow you to leave your desk at standing height and just pull it up when you want a quick break. They work brilliantly and we use them every day.

Final point, when you stand at a standing desk it’s not like you're outside Buckingham Palace and can’t move for 6 hours! You are moving all the time and this is one of the major benefits because movement is activity and this increases your heart rate and then you burn more calories - @ 50 more each hour! Brilliant.

Standing Desks are a superb way to “work out at work”. Don’t let “can I stand all day” stop you becoming an Office Athlete!

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